What ıs AE?

Powerful Financial Database integrates with functionality of Microsoft Excel

Finnet Analysis Expert is a software that provide to analyze detailed datasets on Turkish Capital Market Securities in Excel environment.

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Start Your Analysis With Ready-to-Use Excel Functions

Get datasets directly into your excel spreadsheets, create easily customizable templates and start your analysis.

Use Specific Ratios Belong Various Investment Instruments

Make a difference with the meaningful ratios of investment products which prepared by market professionals.

High Technology and Speed

Create time series, update your reports, and accelerate your analysis by modern software technologies.

Enjoy the Privilege of Qualified Data

Finnet Analysis Expert is the first choice of financial sector professionals with it's qualified and extensive database. Utilize this powerful tool to easily extract data from extensive database while also leveraging the benefits of Microsoft Excel.

analiz expert


Analysis Expert Financial Excel Add-in

Stock Expert

Fund Expert

Bond Expert

Future Expert

Warrant Expert

Macro Expert

Commodity&Currency Expert

Analysis Expert API

Stock Expert API

Fund Expert API

Bond Expert API

Future Expert API

Warrant Expert API

Macro Expert API

Commodity&Currency Expert API

Stock Expert

Stock Expert Module involves balance sheets, income statements, food notes, detailed balance sheet analysis, capital increase and dividend tables, balance sheet items and ratios, historical prices, volumes, returns, statistics and hundreds of derived data of companies since their initial public offering date of Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Fund Expert-Fund Rating Expert

Fund Expert Module helps you to retrieve asset size, portfolio size, asset allocation, investor size, fund market weight, gross and net returns, performances, benchmarks, founders, manager and categories of Mutual and Pension Funds. Fund Rating Module also has rates of Mutual and Pension Funds that evaluate by two different rating corporations.

Bond Expert

Bond Expert ensure to access all reference financial data of Debt Market. It includes analytics and detailed information of bills, bonds and private sector fixed incomes from issue date until today.

Future Expert

Future Expert allows you to retrieve future and option contracts data sets which trade in Turkish Derivative Market. You can dynamically integrate the future and option datasets to your analysis by Future Expert’s components. Most complex calculations can solve easier and faster with Future Experts functionality.

Warrant Expert

Warrant Expert Module delivers stock warrant’s daily prices, volumes, contract sizes and leverages, greeks like delta, vega, gamma, theta, rho, omega. It also provides warrant’s profile, issuer, underlying and maturity information data.

Macro Expert

Macro Expert allows to download all economic indicators directly into your Excel Spreadsheets. You can rapidly make research and analytics by individual Excel functions and well organized data. Macro Expert gives you opportunity to understand market and economics in the light of macro economic indicators.

Commodity & Currency Expert

Commodity & Currency Expert helps you to get time series data of currencies, parities, currency baskets, CBRT exchange rates, precious metals, foreign indices and commodity prices by individual formulas.

ANALYSIS EXPERT API (Application Programming Interface)

Finnet provides you a software development environment by more than 1200 formulas which also include Turkish Capital Market datasets. Analysis Expert API ensure to create a private dynamic structure for your software development projects by extensive and functional contents. Analysis Expert API is a suitable solution for financial software projects with common functions and database connection.



Finnet Analysis Expert is an Excel Add-in. You can directly download setup files for installation after your subscription. Contact our support team further information of installations. You can be member from www.finnet.gen.tr and complete subscription process. You may send your wishes and request to Finnet Support Team from your user panel.

What are Advantages of AE?

Define your specific financial formulas
Use companies all financial data in Excel environment
Screen Industry, financial and insurance companies balance sheets and balance sheet details
Organize financial tables
Prepare your templates of financial ratios
Make fundamental analysis
Convenient Analysis with Istanbul Stock Exchange data in Excel
Watch data of stocks, Indices and ETF prices
Check companies capital increases and dividends data
Currency data, CBRT currency rates, parities, currency basket, spot market currency rates
Analyze more than 10,000 investment instruments
Mutual and Pension Fund’s Ratings
Comprehensive data banks include from economic indicators through foreign shareholder rates
Retrieve mutual and pension funds’ performance, asset allocations, benchmarks and daily information since inception.
Derivative market, stock, index, currency and commodity futures
Debt market data, bills, bonds, KYD indices and repo rates
Automatic data update

What are Finnet Analysis Expert features?
Reports will always be updated.

Extensive Data Sets

AE helps you to list all financial instruments, indices or categories in your spreadsheets. So, you can easily analyze them.

Daily and Historical Market Data

Finnet Analysis Expert keeps daily, weekly, monthly, yearly data sets of different investment instruments in database. All data are one click away from your spreadsheets. So, you don’t need to buy different databases as data source.

Download History

Close Data tool enable to download most useful data of any investment instrument for given period within seconds.

Balance Sheets Databank

Equity Module of Finnet Analysis Expert involves public company’s balance sheets. You can bring financial statements of companies from their first announced balance sheet until last. So, Equity Module supports you to make detailed fundamental analysis.

Multiple Balance Sheets

AE ensure you get multiple balance sheets belongs different companies. Multiple balance sheets tool supports you to make comparative analysis between companies rapidly.

AE Report Screen

Analysis Expert Report Screen saves you to turn your computer upside down for your spreadsheets. Report screen helps you to create your reports and save your private user database.

Click & Go Templates

Finnet Analysis Expert includes ready to use analytic reports of stock market, mutual and pension funds. You can easily edit them as you wish. These templates also enable to export from report screen to excel spreadsheet.

Date List

Finnet’s database involves oldest financial data of market. Date list tool helps you to separate holidays and interaction days. It helps to list work days as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forms.


Analysis Expert supports Turkish and English languages.

Favorite Functions

You can save your favorite functions and simply reach to them from your favorite function list.

Financial Ratios and Statistics

Ratio and statistics functions save you to prepare massive and slow excel spreadsheets. This functions help you calculate base indicators of financial markets like statistics and ratios.

Data are up-to-date

Finnet Analysis Expert update tool automatically updates your data in minutes.

Reports are up-to-date

Finnet Analysis Expert data feed solution allows to access Finnet’s servers directly. So your reports will always be updated.


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Do I create reporting templates?
Do my tables update automatically?
Is Finnet Analysis Expert software fast?
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Do I analyze public companies?
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Can I retrieve the company’s balance sheet at announcement date?
Can we get fund market data?
Does It have fund indices?
Does It include public company’s news?
Are enable access of Turkish Derivative and Bond market data?
Can we import gold and currency data?
Does it include yield and specific statistics ratios functions?
Can I be a subscriber as retail investor or academician?
Can I buy modules separately?
Are currency and gold market data available?


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